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Spray Tan Services

Rapid Spray Tan

Rapid Spray Tan

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Our Rapid Solution develops in 1-4 hours. 100% vegan. Naturally Derived. Infused with vitamins A, C, and E


Spray Tans:

12-24 hours before your appointment, exfoliate well with (Dry Brush, Exfoliating Mitt, or Exfoliate Scrub) Shave 12-24 hours before your appointment. Arrive with clean skin. No lotions, oils perfumes, or deodorant. Wear dark loose-fitted clothing and open-toed shoes to your appointment.

Teeth Whitening:

Come to your appointment with freshly brushed teeth. If you forget or don't have the time, toothbrushes will be provided.

After Care

Spray Tan:

Rapid (2-4)hrs, Custom Spray Tan( 6-8+)hrs Quick rinse with hands in a gentle rubbing motion 2-3 mins. No scrubbing or soap. Stay away from water and try not to swear before the initial rinse. Watch out for transfer onto your clothes for the first 24 hrs. Proceed your work outs after 24 hrs. 12- 24 hrs after and for the duration of your tan use a gentle soap (no harsh scrubbing) and moisturize daily. Stay hydrated inside and out for a long lasting tan!

Teeth Whitening:

No dark food or drinks for up to 72 hrs and at least 48 hrs after your session. Use a straw if you can't avoid dark drinks!

100% Vegan

Our products are vegan and made with nourishing, naturally derived ingredients. We bring high quality brands, to ensure results you can see.

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